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From high-level industry automation and machinery construction to complex digital solutions.

The primary focus of IDM-Systems spans industrial digitalization, digital manufacturing and data collection, as well as delivering traditional industrial machinery construction and automation solutions supplemented by high added engineering value, and the integration of these over a wide spectrum.

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Engineering services

Whether it’s a technical issue you cope with for a long with no success, or a complex production optimization demand, our experts are at your command.

Professional consulting

We encourage you to contact us if you are looking for cutting edge I4.0 solutions related to industry digitalization. Digital twins; simulation and optimization, virtual deployment, IIoT solutions

Turnkey industrial systems

Turnkey delivery of comprehensive production line technologies and automation systems from design to handover. Our own experts complete mechanical, electrical and software development tasks, as well as on-premise deployments, with the occasional involvement of our vendors.

Training and post-delivery services

Personalized trainings following our syllabus for production supervisor operators, maintainers, repairmen and engineers. Our experts also provide post-delivery operation support, scheduled maintenance services and urgent repair services.
Innovation in spotlight

Manufacturing simulation: digital twins

Digital solutions of IDM-Systems increase the efficiency of production. We are especially proud of our achievements in production simulation, where efficiency is increased using digital twins.

It includes comprehensive development topics that will pop up more and more often in the requirements of factories of the future, either as part of production line digitalization or IIoT. Projects can be implemented as individual internal developments, or in collaboration with partners and end customers.

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Who we are?

20 years experience

IDM-Systems is an industry service provider, with 100% of its shares hold by Hungarian entities. Our experts feature 15-25 years of experience in traditional industry automation, as well as in modern digitalization and IT technologies. They are familiar with medium and large enterprises, too.

Our mission

We believe

the worlds of traditional and digital manufacturing will have an even stronger connection, and will focus on unified digital solutions to support the long-term development and competitiveness of manufacturing companies.

This paced transition

is where we want to support our customers in every step, tailored to their current needs, whether it is a typical control engineering or machine technology task, or the optimization of a complex production process using cutting-edge tools of digitalization.

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