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In the world of industry automation

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Who we are?

20 years experience

IDM-Systems is an industry service provider, with 100% of its shares hold by Hungarian entities. Our experts feature 15-25 years of experience in traditional industry automation, as well as in modern digitalization and IT technologies. They are familiar with medium and large enterprises, too. Our colleagues have contributed to TIER 1 and TIER 2 level international turnkey projects in the automotive industry spanning multiple years, and gained international technology and IT consulting skills.

Our mission

We believe

the worlds of traditional and digital manufacturing will have an even stronger connection, and will focus on unified innovative solutions to support the long-term development and competitiveness of manufacturing companies.

This paced transition

is where we want to support our customers in every step, tailored to their current needs, whether it is a typical control engineering or machine technology task, or the optimization of a complex production process using cutting-edge tools of digitalization.

Complex demands call for

Complex solutions

Industry manufacturing will likely see a great transition in the coming decade. The future calls for much more complex engineering skills and services, as well as a shift of minds in order to create manufacturing equipments smarter and more flexible by an order of magnitude than today, even in areas where traditional automation systems proved to be sufficient to date.

The goal of IDM-Systems is to respond to these complex demands by high-quality industry and IT services. Our engineering team includes electrical engineers (practically in all areas of control engineering, with a focus on industry digitalization skills), mechanical engineers (with experience in machinery design and building using a wide range of technologies), as well as IT developers (with IIoT, edge and cloud skills).

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industry 4.0
Do you also experience an

Industrial revolution?

The term Industry 4.0, or the 4th industrial revolution generates a lot of debate among industry players. Although we don’t love it much either, we believe it expresses the message well: industry players less capable of performing modernization will fall behind, and may be the losers of the near future.

Digitalization and the penetration of ever smarter equipments is not something you can avoid or bypass. The myth of cheap labour is down, and may only bring competitiveness outside of Europe.


Service areas

Meet new requirements by serving modern automation and machinery building demands. We’ve gained experience in several highly automated industries, especially in automotive industry (OEM, Tier 1/2), intralogistics systems (product and package transport in production), healthcare manufacturing.

Renovation, transformation and improvement of existing production lines, equipments and intralogistics systems (brown-field investments) by minimizing downtime using virtual deployment.

Developing collaboration-based design methods and toolsets of production lines, production cells and specialized equipments using virtual VR and AR production and machinery simulation solutions.

Modeling and optimizing the entire production lifecycle for large enterprises (with a focus on Business Process Consultancy and Reengineering). The lifecycle doesn’t miss production optimization, internal intralogistics and stock management processes.



Technology design or re-design and expansion of existing or new manufacturing and logistics systems with the help of experts with many years of experience. Skills in industrial robotics and PLC control also contribute to such tasks in order to be able to come up with a comprehensive solution and a one-stop-shop for our customers. The basis of our design engineering activities can be the deliverable work piece to produce as well.

We can create system-level and detailed circuit designs of brand new manufacturing equipments or conforming to existing systems of our customers, all in compliance with industry standards and standards our customers have implemented.

We can also design and implement industrial communication networks for our customers.

You can count on us in tasks like developing data collection and visualization solutions or human to machine interaction, be it web based or legacy visualization.

We can deploy smaller assembly cells of 1 to 3 robots, as well as complex production lines with more robots, including simple gripping/pick-and-place robots or those serving more complex goals.

A competence area to see huge development for exceptional forecasted growth in demand. Our strong connections to several industry players makes us capable of implementing complex workloads.

We’ve met and learned a lot of digital industry solutions. These digital industry solutions can be implemented as individual projects, can be consumed as services, or can be built into our own automation systems. We’ve been fortunate enough to expand our knowledge while collaborating with high-tech automotive partners, and we’ve combined developments performed on digital twins into a universal, cost-effective solution. We’ve convinced ourselves of the efficiency of these systems, and our customers have also appreciated them. We primarily use Siemens industry software: NX MCD, Plant Simulation, Process Simulation, PLC Sim Advanced etc.

Manufacturing is less and less autonomous, and demand is growing for integrating machines into a system instead of operating a load of independent machines. Although MES (Manufacturing Executing System) solutions are not our cup of tea, we offer integrating manufacturing equipments into systems and making them compatible with smart monitoring systems.

With the help of our manufacturing and service provider partners, we have the equipments of our systems manufactured, and supervise that quality and deadlines phrased by our customers are met.

With the help of our manufacturing and service provider partners, we have the electric distributors of our systems manufactured, and supervise that quality and deadlines phrased by our customers are met.

We’ve gained experience from simpler “one man, one controller” systems to distributed systems consisting of many controllers. We have deep knowledge of solutions of key PLC vendors, such as Siemens Simatic, Omron, Schneider, Mitsubishi, Fanuc, Allen-Bradley, Beckhoff, as well as in the benefits of using them in various scenarios.

Motion control and drive control is a separate discipline within the realm of automated systems and equipments, and requires many years of design, development and deployment experience, as well as a highly developed level of thinking in systems. We’ve gained experience from asynchronous drive through servo-motors to complex control of tool with many axes.

Digitalization brings a shift in operators’ functions and tasks, and gives more room to visual inspections based on machine vision and cam systems in the manufacturing industry.Our experts collected a lot of experience with machine vision, as well as cam-based inspection and recognition systems.

This involves the design and deployment of information processing platforms related to IIoT. The goal of collecting data is to analyze them in order to be able to feed information back to increase reliability and productivity. Shopfloor-level solutions operating close to production dominate the market today, however complex cloud-based systems emerge.

Traditional automation workloads and high-level IT solutions tend to make a stronger contract. We offer a one-stop-shop for developing such systems, and for monitoring their deployment.

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European Union’s European Regional Development Fund


IDM-Systems Ipari Szolgáltató Zrt.

Project name:

Mérnöki szolgáltatás és ipari automatizálási rendszerek tervezése és gyártása (Engineering services for designing and implementing industrial automation systems)

Project scope:

IDM-Systems develops automation solution classes in the course of the project to meet the emerging demands of digital manufacturing. In the focus of the solutions is the digital 3D simulation of manufacturing systems by connecting the physical production line with its digital twin. Another key area is IIoT in the form of cloud-based collection, analysis and feedback of factory data.

Granted sponsorship:

HUF 720 millions

Tender/programme ID:


Project’s planned deadline:

31 Dec, 2025

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IDM Systems | Present in the future’s industry.

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